Thursday, 26 August 2010

Exciting Beauty News for Southampton :)

I just wanted to make a big apology for neglecting my blog (I know im truly rubbish!) but I’ve been super busy for the pass two weeks working overtime at work and looking after my poor mum; she’s suffering with sciatica and can barely walk :( !

But with the excusing over! I now have some great beauty news for the likes of the beauty addicts in Southampton!

About a week ago I notice a article in the Daily Echo informing that John Lewis in Southampton are spending 4 million upon refurbishing the whole of the middle floor (just the middle floor!!) housing all of women’s fashion and BEAUTY!

Whilst walking around West Quay tonight (Me and Joe were taking a visit to Thomas Cook to finally pay off our holiday to New York!!!) I notice John Lewis had already started improving and noticed a few new make-up stands had joined the amazing make-up line up!

Now I finally live locally to Laura Mercier, Elemis, OPI, Nail Inc, Bare Escentuals, and there is still room for more!

I cant wait to see what is awaiting the rest of the beauty section in John Lewis! I can barely contain myself from going back tomorrow and buying everything insight! But I really must start saving for some spending money for New York…to buy even more make-up!

I’m off now to start researching into a huge shopping list I need to take to New York to make sure I buy all the amazing make-up and beauty goodies I can only get in America!

Sorry again for the lack of post recently, but I’m back and have loads of ideas for posts…and I’m open to any request!

Hope your having a good week!

Friday, 13 August 2010

My new love - ELF Studio Make-up Brushes

I really don’t think I’ll be able to live without my ELF Studio Make-up Brushes!

From Left – Right – Angled Foundation Brush, Eyeshadow ‘C’ Brush, Kabuki Face Brush, Powder Brush

The real beauty of all these brushes is that they are super soft and CHEAP!

Angled Foundation Brush (£3.50) – I use this brush for applying highlight on my cheekbone. This brush is just your average angled foundation brush, but still very good for the price.

Eyeshadow ‘C’ Brush (£3.50) – I love this brush for my eyeshadow! The ‘C’ stands for crease (I presume?) Its perfect for applying colour to the crease of the eye lid!

Kabuki Face Brush (£5) – When I first received my ELF order through the post the first thing I opened was this Kabuki Face Brush, and I spent most of the day playing with it smoothing it all over my hand and face because it is sooo soft. The brush is perfect for my bronzer and I would highly recommend it! Especially for only a fiver!

Powder Brush (£3.50) – I saved the best brush till last! I use this brush to apply my liquid foundation and it gives my make-up the most flawless finish. The bristles of the brush are densely packed forming a flat surface of the brush to buff in foundation. I love this brush! I really wanted to buy a few more as back up (just in case!) Although bad news...the website has sold out of them at the moment :( but just keep looking!

I love ELF studio brushes and I’ll be making another order soon to try out the other studio brushes!

Have you tried any of the ELF Studio Brushes?

Hope your having a good Friday

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

My first MAC Lipstick!! in Jazzed!

I feel I should frame this photo or something :)

Shocking I know! But as you know (from a previous blog) I live 30 miles away from my nearest MAC counter I have to mainly order MAC online. As I can’t swatch anything I make my decisions on what I’m going to buy from reading blogs and looking at pictures they’ve posted and different beauty vlogs. I’ve heard so much about the famous MAC lipsticks and wanted to try them for myself and was really excited to make my next purchase from MAC!

So I was on the hunt for the MAC lipstick of the moment, I had heard sooo many good things about the new lipstick – jazzed from the new In The Groove collection.

But to my horror the MAC website had sold out! :(

So I visited a little site called ebay! I paid an extra fiver plus £2 P&P to get my hands on the latest exciting MAC lipstick!

And it was so worth it!

Drum roll please............

And my verdict?

Gorgeous colour, amazing formulation and lovely smell! (not the classic old-school lipstick smell)
Jazzed is a perfect lipstick for the summer, and I a little sad that its only in the limited edition collection! Bring it to the permanent collection MAC!!!! Pretty Please!

Well I am hooked! And will be spending most of my hard earned overtime wages upon more MAC lipsticks!

Have you got any suggestions on which ones I should get next??

Hope your having a good week