Thursday, 9 June 2011

Glamour and Benefit have done it again....!!!

(sorry for the crappy iphone picture - but I wanted to let you guys know fast!)

Hi readers...anyone still here??

Still not quite finished uni yet so blogging is still taking a back seat but I just wanted to post a quick one telling you guys about Glamour magazine's give away this month!!

Yes they have done it again - they are giving away benefit goodies again! This time they are giving away three of the cheek/lips stains - bene-tint, posie-tint and high beam (all sample sizes)!!

I've always wanted to try out benefits tints so I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass by and ran (well I drove) to the nearest co-op and picked up three copies of Glamour to get all samples - and yes the guy on the till gave me that funny look and probably thought I was mad. Lets face it I could of explained but he wouldn't of understood! But £6 for £28 worth of benefit goodies I don't care what he thought!!
Although my advice is go and get them fast as every time Glamour does a benefit giveaway they sell out fast!
What are you waiting for.....!!

Sorry for the quick post and the lack of blogging lately but my last exam is on the 15th June so I'll be back soon!

Hope everyone is does well and having a lovely week