Friday, 30 April 2010

a MAC virgin....

I hate to say this but until yesterday I was in fact a MAC virgin!

I would like to think it’s not my fault as my nearest MAC make-up counter sits 30 miles away from me which is about a 40mins drive, and call me crazy...I’m not driving all that way for make-up even though I may be an addict!

So I turned to MAC online..........and £54 later (of course I had to spend over £50 to get free delivery :)) I have now become a huge fan of MAC...and now maybe considering taking that 40 minute trip to MAC and buying everything in sight!!!

From watching many of beauty video blogs/hauls on Youtube I began to get more and more impatient to get my hands on some of the MAC products, and after watching lollipop26's MAC starter kit video my patients exploded and I just had to try these beauty treasures that sooo many of you hold sooo dear to your heart!

Upon starting my MAC collections I wanted to start with recommendations from other MAC lovers so I didn’t waste my money! As I said before I watched lollipop26’s MAC starter kit video along with FleurDeForce’s MAC video and read some other beauty blogs and it seems that the most popular products the MAC eye-shadows or paint pots. I loved the shadows that lollipop26 (Laura) recommended and thought they would suit my complexion so I brought:

Shroom, Sable, Antiqued, Black Tied and Bare Study paint pot (and I also got the pro palette x4 for the shadows to sit in)

And I can safely say......I LOVE THEM!!!!!! I can’t wait to get the pro palette for 15 shadows and collect more, all the colours are soooo pretty! And so excited to try other MAC products :)

Thank you beauty bloggers for your recommendation!

Let me know your favourite MAC products!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Benefit’s Big Beautiful Eye contour kit!!!

My little life saver!!!

The main reason for visiting the Benefit Counter at Boots was to choose a new lipstick (just fancied treating myself...really no other excuse lol). As I was browsing the colour range I was bombarded by the one of the Benefit beauty consultant asking if I needed any help and if I would like to try some new Benefit products. I wasn’t going to say no to trying out make-up for free so I sat down and was leisurely made-up with all their new products. I asked for a more natural look of make-up to wear in the day...coz I didn’t want to look over-done with the make-up while finishing my shopping spree. To get to the point she used a set of three natural eye-shadows to give me a lovely natural fresh look. But what was really useful was that all three shadows came in one kit with an included eye-concealer...So I couldn’t say no when she asked if I wanted to purchase anything from the make-over (surprisingly though she wasn’t pushing like some beauty sellers!)

Here it is

It was a little expensive (for a student...soo poor :( ) at £21.50, but you do get four benefit eye products for that with three types of brushes! And its soooo worth it!!

When I’m running late in the morning and I’m still half asleep its sooo nice to just grab one kit to do the whole of my eye make-up (apart from mascara) instead trying the grab different colours from different make-up bags, etc. The kit even teaches you how and where to apply each shadow on to the eye if you’re not confident in applying eye-shadow!

-The concealer is not the best but in a rush its fine and it’s also works as a clever base for the eye-shadows to stick to last longer through-out the day.

-The lighter shadows works as a colour base all over the lid and up to the brow, acting as a brow highlighter (although if you apply to much it looks a little too pink!)

- The darker pink eye-shadow is applied to the contour (crease) of the lid to define the eye

- The brown eye-shadow acts as a liner to the eyes applied the outer corners of the eye and along the top and bottom lash line.

They are lovely subtle shades that you can wear in the day, perfect for at work or at uni without looking to made-up!

(Not a very clear picture, but you get the idea!)

I will definitely be buying this one again because it’s quick and easy to do in the morning but looks like you have spent ages perfecting the blend of shadows! Perfect! :)
And if your wondering:

The lipstick I ended up getting was the silky-finish lipstick in Rocket Pop – a lovely dark pink to make your lips subtly stand out

And the other benefit products she used in my make-over that I can remember was –

-the some kinda-a gorgeous foundation faker in original (which I brought and will review soon!)

-the bronzing & highlighting face power duo on my cheeks (lovely...I may buy when I have some spare money)

-stay don’t stray stay-put primer for concealer & eye-shadow (was ok but not sure if worth £19.50)

-lip plump primer for lips (which I didn’t notice much difference only a more glossier look with my lipstick)

-and a benefit Gina perfume (smells lovely and summery which I may buy as a little bottle of perfume for my holiday)!

Let me know of any of your favourite Benefit products, would love to try them!
Thanks sorry for the essay :)

Friday, 16 April 2010

Rimmel’s 60 seconds nail polish...

Well....not impressed if I’m honest!

During a boring trip to Asda I decided to have a look down the beauty aisle to give my food shop some excitement (yes I live an exciting life! LOL), but I came across the Rimmel make-up stand and decided to pick up a few nail polishes to give myself a cheap (60 second polish was £3.46) cheer up from the mountains of university work I have to overcome this week (basically procrastinating by painting my nails!)

Anyway I picked up the 60 seconds nail polish in 805 Grey Matters because I have been after a grey nail polish for some time after seeing a picture of Lauren Conrad a couple of months ago wearing a LBD with grey polish. I thought it was a nice variation to the plain black or red nail polish usually seen when wearing LBDs. Although I wasn’t aware how rubbish the Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish was....

This was best out of 2 attempts in applying the polish and as you can see it’s not most perfect application. (disregarding the state on my nails...I’m desperately trying to grow them).

The consistence of the polish was very thick and gloopy which was hard to spread evenly along the nail, however the applicator brush did not help! The brush (or the ‘Xpress brush’ as its stated on the lid) was quite wide to obviously ensure the polish covers the whole nail one sweep for a 1 second application, but this hindered when trying to cover the very edges of the nail making the polish uneven. As the polish was too thick it made drying more than 60 seconds long; after 60 seconds the polish still felt tacky. I am aware that maybe I should have shook the bottle more before applying, but I still think there are nicer nail polishes on the market. I think I may have to invest in a more expensive nail polish after the student loan come through :)

Any suggestion for good nail polish brands would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!