Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Some inspiration...

As a newcomer to the blogging universe I wanted to share my inspriation for starting my own blog!

My inspiration for my blog comes from many of the different blogs I read in my spare time. I enjoy reading other people’s opinions and views mainly on beauty and fashion for an insight of new and creative ways of inspiring my own wardrobe and style. At this point I would like to thank my favourite ‘blogger’ lollipop26 who writes hauls/reviews and makes YouTube videos about her favourite (and least favourite) beauty products. I myself now have new make-up additions to my make-up bag, so Thank You! Viewing her videos and reading her blog has inspired me to create my own blog on my own interests. Check her out – or on YouTube.

I'll put more links to other favourite blogs soon!

Handy Relief!

How can you say no to special offers on beauty products?!?!?

After spending one Sunday in Winchester with my beautiful mum for mother's day full of shopping and a lovely meal, I was suffering my sore, dry hands from the cold weather and working at the Printers (handling the paper really drys out my hands), they were really painful.

So when mum and myself popped in The Body Shop as i needed to replace my Vitamin Cleanser and Toner, The Body Shop were doing a special offer - save £5 when you buy three skin care products. As I wasn't going to let a bargain pass me by I decided to try the Vitamin E hand and nail treatment cream to stop me complaining about my hands.

rrp £8.00
(however because of the offer I got for £3.00! in combination with my other purchases)

I was really pleasantly surprised. I am usually really fussing when it come to hand creams because I don't like it when they leave you hands really greasy, however this was the exact opposite. The cream soaked in really quickly leaving my hand soft and soothed from the dryness.

The Body Shop has definitely won me over with this product that I may not have necessarily tried, if it had not been for the special offer. I'll be buying again! And anything that may help my brittle nails is always a bonus in my book!

A little lip miracle!

One beauty product I can NOT live without is Blistex- Relief Cream. So I thought I would dedicate my first beauty blog to the miracle that is Blistex!

If you suffer with chapped/dry/sore lips then this is the lip relief cream for you! I never fail to leave the house without it. It’s vital part of my lip care routine.

Although I love to wear lip-gloss or lip-stick there is no point applying it if your lips if they are chapped and dry (not an attractive look) – enter Blistex

(sorry for the copied pic, but camera has no battery. Although this is probably a clearer pic)

I generally apply it at the end of day usually before going to bed to regain moisture and softness back into my lips after a day of environmental stresses for my lips such as weather which can cause lips to dry out. Blistex – relief cream described itself as “medicated cream for quick relief of occasional cold sores, cracked, chapped and sore lips” – warning: if your lips are really sore, applying this lip cream will sting ever so slightly but that only means its working!! Trust me!

Blistix do a whole range of different types of creams and lip-balms however this is my favourite as it heals lips if they do become chapped, especially in this cold weather. I found this product through my mum using it, (she has been using it for years, it was formally known as Blisteze) and you know what they say ‘Mums always know best!’

For me it’s a make-up bag essential!!!!