Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Beautiful Ends with Herbal Essences

While straightening my hair one morning (how horrible is it straightening your hair in the heat. I'm not liking the sweaty look...yuck!) I notice my ends where looking a bit frazzled. Too much heat abuse on my hair I think?

Since I have cut my hair short I can’t really leave the house without running the straighteners over, so I was on the hunt for something to give my hair a bit more protection and nourishing. My lovely, amazing friend Jenn came to the rescue and recommended Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends – Split end protection intensive mask!
And I’m in love!

It works by running the product through your hair and leaving for 5 minutes then wash out (but it’s advised to only use once a week). It makes my hair so soft and the ends of my hair feel really nourished! And it smells delicious – red raspberry!

When I brought the mask there was a special offer in Superdrug – buy two Herbal Essences products for £3.50. So I also tried the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends – Split end protection cream.

This product works as a leave in conditioner. It say you can use on towel dried (damp) or dry hair, but I would advise to only use on damp hair because I tried the cream on dry hair however it made my ends slightly greasy. Not as amazing as the hair mask but still good for protecting the ends of my hair! And again smells absolutely amazing! I would just repurchase again just because of how lovely my hair smells afterward!

Have you tried any of the Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends products?


Monday, 28 June 2010

A Studio Secret....?

How GOREGOUS is this weather??

But when the sun is out, the make-up starts slide! So a primer is essential in this weather!

Recently I’ve been trying L’oreal Paris – Studio Secret Professional Smoothing Resurfacing Primer.

It’s a soft white/pink mousse that smoothes out the surface of the face creating a perfect surface base to apply your foundation. It makes my face really soft and smooth and I’ve also notice it dulls redness of my old acne scars and even some shine while making my make-up stay on longing through-out the day. It also claims to smooth out fine-line and wrinkles!

Seems like the perfect primer?

Only problem is it only a 15ml pot and it cost £12.99 (rrp)’s very pricey for a small pot that won’t go very far. When I purchased my pot it was on sale for £9.99 in Superdrug and I’m lead to believe that this could be a regular occurrence. I’m not sure it’s worth nearly £13 for such a small pot! So maybe I will only be repurchasing if it’s on sale?

Or maybe find another primer to try? Any suggestions?


Topshop Sale - Jewellery!!!

As me and a friend wondered around town we noticed Topshop was having a sale! We both didn’t really have the money to buy anything (even sale items) :(

But I really can’t say no to jewellery.... here is what I brought

I notice this bracelet before but didn’t buy it...glad I didn’t as I got it half price for £3!

These two necklaces caught my eye, they were each £3.50 but I thought they would look lovely layered together. As you might notice I really like simple words in jewellery.

And I also brought my friend a little something; she has been looking for a horse-shoe pendant necklace for a while and I found this...

Hope she like it....(if not I’m sure I can find a home for it lol!)

Have you found any bargains in the summer sales?

Friday, 11 June 2010

Great find at Primark – Make-up travel storage!

I found a great make-up travel case in Primark a couple days ago!

At only £3.50 it’s perfect for holding all my bottles of Cleansers, Toner, Moisturisers and Make-up!

It stands at 9.5” wide and 7”deep perfect for holding everything in one bag/case! Complete with a convenient carry handle and built in mirror it’s great for all your travels! I can’t wait to use it for my holiday to Newquay this year! It will be nice for once to carry everything in one case, rather than the usual routine of have several different make-up bags filled to the brim with make-up and bottles of skin care, generally losing everything!

With a beautiful floral print it will become one of my must have travel accessories!

What storage to you use travel with all your make-up?


The BIGGEST BENEFIT Deal EVER – Thanks to GLAMOUR Magazine!!!

To all you make-up junkies, get your butts down to the nearest newsagent and get your hands on Glamour Magazine!

In this month’s issue of Glamour Magazine, Glamour are giving away three different Benefit Eye pencils with their publication; the IT stick concealer pencil, Eye Bright pencil and the BAD Gal smouldering black eye pencil. And there are all full sizes (no sample sizes here!)

They are all super creamy texture and I can’t wait to have a play with them!

I will be reviewing them all soon!

(going from the left to right: IT stick, Eye Bright and BAD Gal)

All three eye pencils together are worth £45! Yet all three magazines together are £6! That’s an AMAZING £39 saving!

But you better be quick, last year Glamour gave away Benefit Lip-gloss and it sold out fast! I suggest you go now and get your hands on them as even I had to go to three different newsagents to try and collect all of them!

Let me know if you get your hands on them and what you think!

NOW RUN Girls xx

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Liz Earle – Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I’m Back!

Sorry you the very long delay in writing my blog but I’m finally back after a handing in all my university work :) Now I have the whole summer off, so expect lots of blogs and beauty reviews!!

I thought I would start off with my new beauty life saver – Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser. This is the one beauty product that has got me all through the stress of doing all my uni work. As soon as I become even just slightly stressed I break out and my skin looks terrible, but through stressing out (I don’t think stress really begins to describe it) over my uni work I still had beautiful, spot free skin. And I put it all down to this cleanser!

What first drew me to this product was that it’s made completely with natural ingredients (including; Rosemary, Chamomile, Cocoa Butter and Eucalyptus essential oil), I always feel apprehensive when using skin products that have chemicals in them in as I’m scared how they are going react with my skin. But all the Liz Earle products are all made with natural ingredients so I thought I would give the cleanser a go.

I brought the 100ml pump starter kit (with 2 muslin cloths) which come in a little light blue zipped bag which is perfect for travelling for £13 from John Lewis, which gave me a 100ml bottle of the cleanser and two muslin cloths. How this cleanser works is that you apply the cleanser over your wet face (you only need one pump) and use the hot wet muslin cloth to remove the cream and finally pat your face dry, I use this cleanser twice a day, in the morning and at night to remove my make-up (it even removes really stubborn mascara). It feels amazing like a mini spa facial every day. It leaves my skin feeling deeply cleansed and the muslin cloth gives slight exfoliation leaving my skin super clean. I also must add that it is made for all skin types at whatever age which is always a good point. I cannot say enough good things about this product and I think it has become my new beauty staple in my skin routine.

I’m really forward to trying out more of Liz Earle’s products – let me know any product you love from the range!