Sunday, 30 January 2011

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant

I have heard sooooo much about Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, it’s labelled as a must have by most beauty gurus!

And because of this horrible bitter cold weather I’ve been desperate to try anything to sooth my dry skin, so when I was walking past the Elizabeth Arden counter at John Lewis I remembered the Eight Hour Cream was apparently amazing!

I was a little surprised at the smell and texture of the cream (being called a cream I was expecting the average moisturizing cream), however it’s a thick almost gel like cream.

But the beauty bloggers couldn’t have been more right!

It has really helped my dry patches of skin and is even brilliant for dry, chapped lips! With most moisturizers I’ve tried I’ve had to keep constantly applying before the skin starts to feel softer, but with this I can apply once or twice before noticing a difference in the condition of my skin.  

It’s so great that it has found a little home in my handbag, so I can apply throughout the day if I need it, plus I have heard it’s great for burns, etc.

Have you tried the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream? What do you think?    

Hope your having a lovely Sunday


Saturday, 29 January 2011

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

For me it’s a ritual to buy a perfume in duty-free at the airport every time I go on holiday and this time I chose this little beauty…..

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

It smells beautiful! Obviously this doesn’t help in describing the actual scent so I have carried out my research and found what fragrance notes are in this gorgeous perfume from

The top notes; Bergamot and Tea.
The middle notes; Jasmine, Freesia, Orchid.
The base notes are; Centiflora, Rose, Patchouli.

I have never smelt a perfume like this before, I usually lean towards sweeter scents that most people find too sickly sweet, and although this smells sweet I would describe it as almost a more grown-up toned down sweet scent….if that makes any sense at all?

Its a perfect daytime scent but I have notice that it hasn't got much longevity, which is why I also picked up the rollerball verison in this scent to keep in my handbag.

I hate that we can't get rollerball perfumes in the UK, they are perfect sizes for your handbag to top up your perfume during the day instead of carrying around a huge bottle of perfume in your bag! They also make a good perfume tester, to see whether you like the scent before spending loads of money on the full sized bottle! I wonder if there is a website where you can get rollerball perfumes?...I'm off to do my research, I will let you know if I find one!

Has anyone else smelt this perfume? What’s your opinion?

Hope you having a good day


Beauty Haul from NY

The one place I was most excited to go while in NYC was Sephora! And here is what I brought...

I will give more detail of individual things in future posts instead of you getting bored in one very long blog post!

Hope your having a good weekend


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

New York Wish List

As some of you may know I'm celebrating my 21st birthday by going to New York!! :) Im sooo excited!

When watching/reading American blogger I’m always envious of some of the products they rave about that are only available in the USA, so since I found out that I was going to New York I started compiling a wish list of just a few of the make-up goodies that I want to get my hands on when I’m over there!
Revlon Colourburst lipstick in Soft Nude – I was really excited when Revlon release their colourburst lipstick range, but I was gutted that the shade Soft Nude was only available in the US. I may have to pick up a few for backups.
Victoria Secret Body Mist – I love body mists and I’ve heard the Victoria Secret mists smell really good.
Make-Up Forever HD Foundation – Make-Up Forever is only available in the UK from a professional make-up artist website, I’ve often thought about second guessing my shade and ordering online but while I’m over in the states I might as well get skin matched so I don’t waste money on getting the wrong shade.
Covergirl Lashblast Mascara – An American brand famous for their mascara, although I’ve heard its basically the same of maybelline’s false lash effect mascara I still want to give it a go.
Cetaphil – Every American blogger has mentioned the Cetaphil skincare brand so I want to see what all the hype is about.
Nars Sheerglow Foundation – You’re probably thinking this is a strange item on my wish list because you can get Nars in the UK, however I live nowhere near a Nars counter. So if I find a Nars counter in New York I’ll be asking a skin match, even if I just find what shade I am, then I can order in online when I get back home.
Eos Lipbalm – Heard so much about this lip balm plus with its unique packaging, it’s something I’ll really want to pick up.
Sephora by OPI nail varnish – Enough said! I can’t wait to visit Sephora!!! I’ve warned the boyfriend that I will spend ages in this store :)
Korres Lip Butter – Again, another lip balm popular among the American bloggers.
Rimmel Lipstick in Airy Fairy – Although Rimmel is an English brand for some reason the shade Airy Fairy is only available in US and after loads of blogger blogged about the perfect pink shade I will defiantly be pick up 1 or 2.
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils – I know these are now more available to the UK online, but they will be cheaper in the US, I’ve heard they are great eyes shadow bases.
Is there anything else you can recommend getting or going to while I'm in New York?
Hope your having a great week

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Here's to a brand new start...

Happy New Year Everyone!
I thought I would make my first post of the year a list of my new year’s resolutions in the hope that writing them in a post will make me stick to them! *fingers crossed*
I only like to make 3 resolutions, as having too many means more chance a failing to keep them
So this New Year’s resolutions for 2011 are:
Be Happy and Some Fun – I’m now about to start my second term of my final year at university and this New Year’s resolution is just to remind me to not get too stressed out and remember to have a little (and I mean a little, I won’t have much spare time) bit a fun, because after all this is my last year to be a student.
Keep an eye on things – This year I’m not going to stress myself with trying to lose loads of weight, instead I’m just going to keep a careful eye on what I eat and make sure I’m maker healthy choices. I’m also going to keep an eye on my money and learn to budget more. I spent way too much last year on things I don’t really need, and now I’m paying for it; having to pay my mum back money and not having as much money I as I would like to have to take away with me to New York (only 9 days to go! I’m beyond excited!!!!!)
And of more – I’ve lost count the amount of times I have had to apologise for not regular updating my blog, and I believe it’s the main reason why my blog hasn’t got many followers (although I thank the readers that do read my blog!) I really enjoy blogging about my make-up obsession but I never seem to have enough time in the day to sit down and write proper post, but I have now decided to put by two evening a week where I can spend an hour or so sharing my make-up and beauty reviews and news. Plus I think it will save my poor friends and family having to listen about make-up all day and I can share it with readers who share my same obsession.
And another extra New Year’s resolution is – take a photo everyday. I love looking at people’s photo diaries and thought the 1st January was a perfect time to start my own. So except weekly photo updates too.
Have you got any New Year’s resolutions?
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!