Sunday, 13 February 2011

Nars Haul (from Sephora)

 (Top – Orgasm Blush, Bottom – Deep Throat Blush, Sheer Glow Foundation in Ceylan, Turkish Delight lipgloss)

(Swatches L-R = Turkish Delight Lipgloss, Deep Throat Blush, Orgasm Blush)

Slowly but surely I’m blogging about the goodies I got in New York and this blog post is dedicated Nars…

I was really excited to get my hands on some Nars goodies as I live no where near a Nars cosmetic counter! I’ve heard sooo much about Nars, especially their Sheer Glow foundation that I really wanted to try it. And I know I could order online, but I’m always afraid  at buying foundation online and getting the colour correct.

So while I was in Sephora I ask one of the make-up artists to skin-match me. It turns out that I am the colour Ceylan…I’m really glad I got probably matched as I thought I was the shade Barcelona, which would have been way too dark for me!

So as you can tell I brought Nars Sheer-Glow Foundation in Ceylan, 2 Nars blushes in Deep Throat and Orgasm and the famous Nars lip-gloss in Turkish Delight.

All these purchases came from recommendations from beauty blogs and vlogs and I’m pretty pleased with all of them!

Nars Sheer-Glow foundation
 is by far my favourite purchase! I love this foundation it’s the perfect
glowing finish with a meduim coverage and I will definitely be purchasing it again when it runs out!
Deep Throat Blush
My favourite out of the two blushes I got. It’s a gorgeous pink colour that can be
buildable for the desired look. The texture is lovely and soft to blend.
Orgasm Blush
 This colour is ok but I feel it doesn’t suit me that well as the shade has a red undertone
that I feel highlights my red acne scaring my cheeks. However on the days where the redness looks less
angry I might feel differently about it.
Turkish Delight Lipgloss
The perfect everyday lipgloss, although sometimes can appear to look too
milky looking if I apply too much on which looks a little odd. But applied correctly is the perfect baby pink
glossy lip.

I can’t wait to re-order my Nars Sheer Glow Foundation online, where I can pick up some more Nars
goodies to try – any recommendations???

Hope you have had a lovely weekend


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